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First release of WinBoard is out!
  • 99% written in ASP, with a small DLL for password encryption written in VC.
  • Currently lack the functions of user profile modification and new user registration.
  • Anyone who want to be a developer of WinBoard is welcome! Please contact WONG, Ivan Y C.
  • Welcome for any suggesstion.

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Welcome to WinBoard Development Page!

To conclude, WinBoard is just a rewrite of UltraBoard at this moment. It has functions less than UltraBoard but just enough for basic use. However, the goal of WinBoard is NOT only that. I want a free, fast, simple but yet functional message board, that can be easily setup on any M$ windows platform which has IIS/PWS.

Purpose of WinBoard

Okay, it depences on you. I have myself a drummer page where a lot of guests want to talk, so I have WinBoard stays there.

Story of the birth of WinBoard

Well, do you like playing KOF(King of Fighter)? I like playing it very much using my PC but not my PS/PS2. Long time ago, I setup a UltraBoad on my drummer web page, and I found there were too many posts that the free hosting soon alerted me about the problem of disk quota. In addition, some operations of UltraBoard cost a lot of CPU time and many free hostings don't like it. So I decided to migrate it to my PC. Yeah, but ActivePerl is quite slow. Everytime when I was playing KOF and a guest accessed the board, my game got disturbed, and I was annoyed. That's why I started to write WinBoard in ASP......
WONG, Ivan Y C 1 03-02-2002 20:08
WinBoard News
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